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What will it take to make your farm Carbon Negative?

What do farmers face everyday? Are they the solution to climate change?  What will be their legacy?  Just 30 more harvests to get it right, maybe even fewer.

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CAFO Annual Reports

It is that season again. Annual reports are due for Michigan CAFOs on April 1. That means a summary of all manure applications that were made during the 2018 crop year needs to be turned in to the DEQ. It also means that it is time to start planning for 2019 manure applications by having […]

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Farm Odor Management and Neighbor Recommendations

Farm Odor Management: Odors from livestock, manure and farming operations can be objectionable and are highly subjective.  The Michigan Right To Farm act protects farmers like you from nuisance lawsuits, but only if the farm is following the Generally Accepted Agricultural Management Practices.  These voluntary practices can help farmers limit the odors produced by their […]

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CNMP Update Questions

“Is my CNMP out of date?” is a frequent question we get.  Recently we have been fielding a few more calls about CNMP updates and we thought it would be a good idea to help clarify things. As stated on your CNMP signature page, and in the CAFO permit, farms are supposed to update their […]

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Michigan DEQ CAFO Permit Update

        No news is good news.  As you are probably aware, the CAFO general permit expires on April 1, 2015. The DEQ is still working on developing the new version of the CAFO permit. We have not seen any of the proposed changes, but we have not heard any discussion about any […]

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