CAFO Record Keeping Reminder

I am looking at the calFall Sunriseendar and am reminded that with fall weather just around the corner, crop harvests and manure spreading is likely on many of your minds.  This is also a good time to review your CAFO records.

Is your manure spreading plan ready yet? How do your soil tests look, are they going to be expiring this fall or next spring? When was the last time you had your manure analyzed? Now is the perfect time to start thinking about those kinds of things and to evaluate how this past year went. Before you know it, the combine and corn chopper will be running in the fields and you’ll want to spread manure to get your manure storage empty for the winter.

Fall is also an excellent time of year to collect soil tests because the weather is usually favorable, fields are clear and it gives you time to develop your nutrient plan for next year. Take a look in your CNMP at your field summary in (Tab 7). Look at the soil test dates column. If that date is older than spring of 2012, you will need a new soil test for that field before you can spread manure. If you want us to come up with a list, give me a call or respond to this email and we’ll get it done for you right away.

If you are ready to spread manure this fall, send us your crop plan for those fields and we will develop a new manure spreading plan based on your future planting intentions.  As always, if you have any questions, give us a call at (616) 837-6861.  We are here to help you succeed.