New skidloader attachment shakes gallons of water from sand

From Progressive Dairyman magazine.

Sand Calf
File this under “Now why didn’t I think of that”
You have probably played with sand at the beach, filled a bucket, and noticed that when you tap on the bucket, water comes to the surface. As soon as you stop tapping the sand though, the water sinks back into the sand.

The same principle applies here. Vibrate a skidloader bucket full of separated wet sand, the water comes to the top. Now, how to drain that water away? Jesse Ray, entrepreneur and owner of LS Ray Farm Service LLC, has one idea. Add perforated baffles to the bucket. The water drains out the holes and the sand is drier, stacks better, and is ready to use much sooner.

Thanks to Kurt Tubergen for sending me this link! I’ll have to remember to bring donuts next time I visit. 🙂